Pikes Peak FM Association Inc.
P.O. Box 51034
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
Last updated on March 19, 2017

"Above Them All!"

Welcome to the home page of the Pikes Peak FM Association!

Annual Meeting Held March 19, 2017

The Pikes Peak FM Association is a nonprofit, amateur radio VHF/UHF group which operates and maintains VHF and UHF communications facilities serving the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region.

Our flagship repeaters operate on 146.97 MHz and 448.450 MHz!

Through its repeaters, the PPFMA supports many of the other organizations (such as ARES, RACES, and Skywarn), emergency operations and public service events throughout the region.

Using the menu to the left, find out more about the PPFMA and how we operate, and find out what's happening in our community, and in world of amateur radio.